Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Impact of Facebook Sharing

The Power of "Sharing"
We all know that Facebook’s “sharing” feature has the ability to make quirky YouTube videos go viral and allow heart-wrenching photographs to be felt around the world. But how much impact does your own sharing hold? How much power lies in just one click of your mouse? Let’s find out.

According to Facebook statistics, the average Facebook user has 190 friends. This means that if you are the average person, each time you share a piece of content it has the potential to meet the eyes of 190 new people.

Now let’s put it into a Pet Chance perspective… If each one of our Pet Chance Facebook followers shared just one chance link per month, it would have the potential to reach outside Facebook users over 1,035,000 different times in one year!

Pet Chance Statistics
We conducted an analysis of Chances belonging clients who made a concerted effort to use Facebook and discovered the following:
  • The average number of visits to a Chance page from Facebook was 65.  But Chances that received 50% or more of their treatment amount had an average of 114 visits from Facebook!
    • Lesson learned:  Share often! And – make sure you ask others to share, even if they can’t make a donation.
  •  It takes an average of 11 visits from a Facebook share to receive a single donation on Pet Chance.  But for Chances that achieved over 50% of the Treatment Amount, it was only 8 visits from Facebook to receive a donation. 
    • Lesson learned:  Facebook sharing is effective and using it to get donations is very achievable.  Plus - the more you do, the more effective each share will be.
  • The average donation for all of our Chances is about $50.  For Chances that were shared often and therefore achieved 50% or more of the treatment amount, the average donation was $149! 
    • Lesson learned:  Not only does sharing get more visits and a larger number of donations, but the amount of each donation tends to be higher for Chances that are actively shared on Facebook.

What You Can Do
The Pet Chance data demonstrates that actively sharing Chances on social media sites, like Facebook, greatly increases the odds of those Chances getting funded.  While this comes as no surprise, it’s comforting to know that the data proves it – time spent sharing is time well spent!

So use that social network of yours to do some good – share a Chance on Facebook and help improve the health of a pet in need. It’s a free and effective way to make a tail wag.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tip #11 - Be Specific

Sometimes we get good ideas/inspiration which we want to share. So we're extending our Tips & Tricks series with this list of additional items that we hope will help you out...

You may have told people: "Please help me spread the word".  How do people know they've "succeeded"?  If you want them to feel proud of themselves for helping you, equip them to do so by being specific.  Say something like "Please email or tell at least 3 people about my Chance to help me spread the word."  See the difference?  Now they will know they "succeeded" in granting your request if they tell 3 people.  Of course most people will tell more than 3 other people - but 3 feels achievable, which means more people are likely to do it.