Monday, December 30, 2013

Tip #13: You can never do too much social media sharing

We've been asked many times "what else can I do besides Facebook to spread the word about my Chance?"  There are countless possibilities, but it's worth noting that social media does have the advantages of:

1) Having a large, worldwide audience, and
2) Being free!

So even if you don't have certain social media accounts for yourself personally, you might consider creating some accounts, even if temporarily, for your pet's Chance activity.

We liked this example:

A Picture Is Worth... A Lot!
Sites like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are ideal because they are very focused on photos and video.  (Just be careful about which pictures you choose -- some of our clients have posted photos of pet injuries or surgeries that really weren't very appealing and may have turned off some potential donors!)

"Why Would I Ever Use Twitter??"
Not everyone has found a good use to send Tweets. Many people wonder why they'd use Twitter at all.  One major benefit of Twitter is that it's unbelievably easy to share ("Re-Tweet") things that are interesting. The "Follow" feature of Twitter lets birds of a feather flock together about things that are interesting to them.  So if you've never sent a Tweet before, doing so for your pet and your Chance might be a great reason.

Got any other social media sites where Chances might get good visibility?  Let us know in the comments!

Friday, December 6, 2013

TIP #12: Share/Like is good on Facebook, but Comments are far better!

In December, 2013 Facebook announced that links to external websites will be given higher rank in the Newsfeed than other types of content.  Moreover, they are going to place additional emphasis on posts that have conversations (Comments).

This is good news for Pet Chance clients, since Pet Chance is an 'external' site.  Our Chance posts are therefore more likely to show up more often in newsfeeds.

Since Facebook is going to re-display posts that have Comments in them, you are strongly encouraged to start (and nurture) conversations about your Pet Chance posts.  In addition to asking people to Share/Like - add updates (if you're the pet owner), ask questions, make suggestions, or anything else you can think of to keep the conversation going.  This will help keep the Chance in more Facebook Newsfeeds for a longer time.