Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tips & Tricks Archive

We've put together a Tips & Tricks series to help you succeed in the quest for your pet's better health. Many of these ideas came from previous Pet Chance clients who had successes with their Chances. We are confident that these suggestions will help guide you straight to our growing list of success stories!

Tip #1 - E-mail/Social Media Templates
Short blurbs you can copy, paste and personalize onto your favorite social media sites or e-mails to promote your Chance page.

Tip #2 - Photos, Videos and Updates, Oh My!
Learn how to use photos, videos and updates to improve donation rates.

Tip #3 - Thank Your Donors
Learn how to thank donors and the impact it makes on your Chance.

Tip #4 - Personalizing E-mails
Explains the huge difference it makes to personalize appeals for funding.

Tip #5 - Using the Two P's
Persistence and patience are the key to successful Chances.

Tip #6 - Let's Make an Event Out of It
How and why you should start a Facebook event for your Chance page.

Tip #7 - Fast Track to Donations
Read about alternative ways to advertise your Pet Chance profile. These creative promotional tactics are sure to catalyze donations.

Tip #8 - When Your Friends Can't Donate
What can your friends do for your Chance page if they don't have funding to donate? Find out here.

Tip #9 - Great Photos Make for Great Donations
Good photos: the stuff donations are made of.

Tip #10 - Taking Control
You are in the driver's seat - make your Chance a success!

Tip #11 - Be Specific
Giving your friends and family a goal to reach can help them to be more successful in spreading the word about your Chance.

Tip #12 - Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
Facebook updated the way it shows posts in the Newsfeed. Learn how to take advantage of that and get Chance posts more visibility.

Tip #13 - You Can Never Do Too Much Social Media Sharing
You might not need or want a lot of social media accounts for your day-to-day life, but using social media to spread the word for Chances has many benefits.

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