Friday, August 16, 2013

Tip #9 - Great Photos Make for Great Donations

Take a good, long hard look at your pet. How adorable is he? The cutest, right? So let his sweet personality and charming looks shine through in his Chance page profile picture.

Although it may be tempting to post a photo of your pet’s sad face, broken leg or wounds to show people just how much help he needs, it is not the best tactic for receiving donations. Rather than drawing donors in, it pushes them away by presenting them with a depressing, miserable picture of your pet.

Instead, try posting a bright, happy, well-lit picture of your animal; a picture of the healthy creature you know them to be. This better acquaints prospective donors with your pet and makes them want to donate to a cause that will help your animal get back to a healthy state.

Check out these great photos provided by our very own Pet Chance clients! They're well-lit, good quality and ADORABLE!

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