Monday, July 15, 2013

Tip #6 - Let's Make an Event Out of It

One of our more creative clients revealed a social network tip that helped her Chance page receive donations. Jennifer Fields writes, “I created an ‘Event’ on Facebook and invited 140 of my friends (people I knew would help and re-post) to that event…When you create an event on Facebook…you don't have to actually, ‘have a get together’ you can just say the place is, July, at 7:00 pm.”

Creating a Facebook Event is a highly effective and convenient way to share your animal’s Chance page with your network. Those who are invited will see a reminder of your invitation in the sidebar every time they log in to their Facebook account. This allows you to stay on their radar without feeling as though you’re overwhelming them with e-mails.

The event should include a brief description of how Pet Chance works, what type of care your animal needs, and – most importantly – a link to your Chance page. This will make it easier for your friends, family and acquaintances to access your pet’s Chance and attain a full understanding of what the event is for. (To learn more about how to create an event on Facebook, click here.)

Although utilizing Facebook events is a great way to start off your Chance page campaign, don’t forget to use additional tactics as well (e.g. personal e-mails, flyers, Twitter, Chance updates, etc.) The more combinations you use, the better. So get your paws in full swing and promote away!

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