Monday, September 9, 2013

People Want To Be Asked

We often find that our clients are reluctant to ask friends, family and acquaintances for donations on behalf of their pets. This stems from the false belief that others don’t want to be asked for help because they find it irritating or distasteful. In fact, the opposite it true.

In a study conducted at Babson University, research showed that a number of people didn’t donate a second time on simply because, “I wasn’t asked.” Many agreed that had they been given the opportunity to help again, they would’ve gladly taken it. This shows the importance of reaching out to request assistance – people do want to help, but they also appreciate being ASKED for help.

A request for help can feel much more comfortable if you present a donation to your chance page as an “opportunity” rather than a “favor.” By offering it as an opportunity to participate in the restoration of your animal’s health, you are drawing donors in and making them want to be a part of the journey that will lead to a better life for your animal. This presentation will allow donors to feel satisfied that they’ve help your pet take a few paw-steps forward.

Favor: “I need help paying for Fluffy’s treatment.”
Opportunity: “If you and a few other people help out with $20 or so, Fluffy will be well in no time!”

What other suggestions do you have for converting “favors” into “opportunities?”

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