Monday, September 16, 2013

No Such Thing as Failure

When it comes to Pet Chance, failure is not an option. This isn’t meant in the usual sense of not allowing something to fail by trying harder or going at it from different angles; it is meant in the sense that every Chance provided with donations and medical treatment is a success.

Some concerned clients have mentioned to us that it is heartbreaking to see animals in the success stories section that have received treatment thanks to Pet Chance donors, but have still passed away. They say that it makes the Chance seem like a “failure” even though donors did everything they could to save the animal.

In cases such as these, it is important to remember that passing on is sometimes unavoidable. It can bring animals to a better place, far away from the pain or suffering they may have experienced toward the end of their lives.

What should comfort donors and clients in these times of trial is the fact that Pet Chance donors gave these deceased pets a chance at life. The contributions they made ensured that every possible measure was taken for the pet’s wellbeing and that the animal did not pass on from a lack of access to medical care, but because it was his or her time.

We are so grateful for our generous donors and we can’t wait to help more animals on the road to success.

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