Monday, June 10, 2013

Tip #2 - Photos, Videos and Updates, Oh My!

You know your pet is deserving of a Chance, so why not show that to potential donors? Showcase your pet’s quirks, personality and progress by sending us supplementary photos, videos and updates to add to your Chance page!

Videos are a very effective tool in the quest for donations because they introduce prospective patrons to your pet on a much more personal level than a simple photograph. Imagine trying to piece together a complete stranger’s personality solely from a photo. Now, compare that experience to viewing a short introductory film – see the difference? We do, too.

Another way to allow donors to be more actively involved in your pet’s Chance is to provide updates on the treatment and healing process.  If additional therapies have been recommended for your animal, your donors want to know! If Fluffy’s leg is improving and she’s starting to run around again, inform them of that, too. Keeping your Chance page as active and accurate as possible will increase your chances of being featured on the homepage; thereby, gaining more exposure to donors.

Think of your Chance page as you would a social media profile, such as those found on Facebook or Google+. This is a space for you to broadcast your pet’s individuality to the world. Show us your cat frolicking in sun-dappled forests, or your dog elegantly splashing into the ocean to retrieve his favorite ball. Okay, so that’s a little dramatic – but you get it, right?

The inclusion of as many photos, videos and updates as possible will help donors piece together the most complete picture of your animal as possible. And let’s face it - who wouldn’t love that little face?

All new materials to be added to your Chance page can be sent to

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