Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pet Care Assurance

As you look over the Chances and read the compelling stories on Pet Chance you can see that they tend to fall into two different categories:

  • Owners with pets waiting for treatment as they raise money, and 
  • Owners who have already paid for treatment and are now saddled with debt. 

Owners in the latter category are often faced with unexpected, immediate decisions.  For example, when Wendy was hit by a car, her owner didn’t have time to plan for any of the life-saving procedures she needed.   But she went ahead anyway and made the right decision to help Wendy.

At Pet Chance, our philosophy is that in both categories we are empowering pet owners to make the right decisions for their pets.  By helping to fund Chances for owners who have incurred debt we are giving the next owner to face that daunting decision, the confidence to provide their pet with the care it needs.

We call this way of paying it forward, Pet Care Assurance.

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