Friday, January 18, 2013

Why We Value Small Donations Too

Often times when we post Chances on our Facebook/Twitter feeds, we say things like "Got $10 to help out?"

We've been asked multiple times why we don't ask for more.  The reason is simple:  Pet Chance is a crowdfunding site. The whole concept behind crowdfunding is that a lot of people donate a small amount to a larger cause.

So yes - it takes a whole lotta people to make $10-20 donations to support a $2,500 Chance... but if everyone makes a small contribution AND shares the Chance page a few times, it will happen.  And the likelihood of someone donating $10-20 a few times for several Chances is higher than someone donating $100-$1000 multiple times - right?

The potential problem is this:  Some people feel like a $10 donation isn't impactful enough against a $2,500 Chance.  If you're such a person, please think about this -- if you do it, and tell a few people that you did it, and ask them to do it, they probably will too.  Sharing is just as helpful as a donation.  That's how crowdfunding works.

1 comment:

  1. people forget how little things add up. I just took my change into the bank and had almost $150. We put it aside at the end of the day, and roll it and take it to the bank after a while.